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Hello all,


Thank you all for the amazing submissions for Into the Blue.  This was by far the largest pool of any juried show I’ve done at the CRMA – 486 artworks submitted by more than 220 artists!  Not surprisingly, this made jurying very difficult but incredibly rewarding.  The size of our temporary gallery space was one of the main deciding factors, as there just isn’t enough room for all the phenomenal artworks submitted. In the end, 81 pieces were selected – a mere 17% of the total.  The accepted artists and artworks are listed below. A letter to the selected artists with more details will follow soon.


My congratulations to those who were accepted and a big thank you to everyone who submitted for making this such a fantastic celebration of Iowa artists!


Kate Kunau

Associate Curator of Collections & Exhibitions

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art



Artist     Title

Abraham, Xene: The Dancers

Bales, Judy: Ocean Blue

Beckman, Sharon: (Blue) Birds III

Boyer, Jody: Experimental Cyanotype Photogram of Regional Prairie Plants #15 (Cedar Point Biological Station, Ogallala NE.)

Burns-Knutston, Sharon: Isla de Mujeres

Camacho, Edgard: Untitled (Biomorfico II)

Carlson, Lynn: Topax Helix Plate

Carlson, Sara: Door of Perception

Chelcea, Tibi: PCB Drawing #26

Childers, Teresa: Gloaming

Coleman, Sue: Mid-Winter Twilight

Danielson, Becky: Current Situation

Davies-Jones, Catherine: Winter's Whites are Blue

Deegan, Truc: Crane in Blue Moonlight

Dixson, Don: Wonky Spiral

Douglas, Maggie: A River Twice

Evans, John: Cold Sunset

Finch, Rowyn: Frozen

Fischer, Michelle: Why #3

Glemot, Suzanne: Ramène-Moi (Bring Me Back)

Goodson, Lucy: Brain Injury

Guzman, Zeniff: Blue Male

Hartwig, Celine: Truckomat, I-80, Exit 284

Hayes, Floriana: Clouds on Water

Hedeman, Don: Ice Harbor Blues

Herring, Victoria: Woman in Havana, Cuba

Hillbert, Christine: Blue Eucalyptus

Hird, Crystal: Wooden Alchemist's Storefront

Hoehle, Zanetta               : Sun Washed Seas

Hoffman, Bob: Sunrise, Joshua Tree National Park

Huffman, Angie: Saturday

Igram, Hassam: Water Scene

Jackson, Tom: American Slice 38

Kettelkamp, Bill: The Calm Before the Storm

Kirby, Jessica: Blue Landmark

Kottal, Julia: Sea of Cortez 2

Kulish, Julie: My Very Bones Cry Out

Larrabee, Laura: New World

Lasansky, Diego: Self-Portrait

Lengeling, Laura: Gospel Blue

Lindsay, Nancy: Landscape in Prussian Blue

Lorence, Jon: Fade to Blue

Luko, Sarah: Untitled form 6

Margaret, Caitlin Mary: Witching Hour (from the Divining Series)

Marlow, Paul: The Dream

McGrane-Hop, Suzy: Verity II (Hot)

Mineck, Steve: The Gods of Sarendip

Moorman, Tara: Winter's Light, '58 SilverHawk

Murphy, Denise               : Abstract Blue and Copper Dimensions I

Perez, Mirzam: IMG_0091

Peters, Denice: Loess Hills Gold

Peterson, Bob: Cherry-Burrell Welder

Plaut, Tony: Deux (Ma Jolie)

Powell, Kyle: Frozen

Prior, Isaac: Helheim Gateway

Purington, Nancy: Silence I

Quehl-Engel, Catherine: Rest a While

Rake, Adam: Wildflowers (Working State #2)

Reeves, Patricia: Look and See

Reinier, Susan: ‘Tis Only a Scratch

Rhoads-Read, Betsy: Shroud in Blues

Robbins, Chris: Portrait of Beethoven in Blue

Rogers, Jennifer: Hawaiian Punch (from the series Candy Dishes)

Ryan, Mike: Still Life (Good Morning Blues)

Schrup, Abby: View from Seat 7A

Schwartzkopf, John: Midnight Falling

Sell, Cris: Untitled (Canoes)

Shen, Yu: I-No.2

Shier, Danielle: Northern Blue I

Sidebottom, Thomas: Image 1

Stamats, Bill: He took the long leap

Stegall, Wendy: Blue Edge

Stewart, Debora: Nature

Thomas, Niq: Image 1

Tollefson, Dena: Bathsheba's Sky

Traver, Dean: Angry Blue

Tucci, Lauren: Wretched Couch

Wallace, Rob: Azure Aurum Aura

Westcot, Lianne: Birch in the Early Afternoon

Wiederspan, Stan: Romance

Zeran, Mary: Untitled Image 3