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Tips for Your Visit


Whether this is your first visit to the CRMA (or any art museum) or you have been a hundred times, these tips will help you make the most of your visit.

Bring the kids

The CRMA strives to be kid-friendly!  Strollers are allowed in the galleries.

Talk about it

Talking about the art on view in our galleries is encouraged, but remember to be courteous to other visitors. We do ask that you refrain from using your cell phone in the galleries.

Take off your coat and stay awhile

A coatroom is available (remember Iowa is pretty cold in the winter!) for any outerwear and we ask that you check all bags, packages, umbrellas, cameras, selfie sticks and other oversized items at the front desk.

Do some sketching

We allow and encourage visitors to sketch in the galleries, although we do ask that you only use pencil. Colored pencils and ink pens are not allowed in the galleries.

Eat before you come

Food and beverages are not allowed in the galleries in order to protect the works of art. The Museum does not have a restaurant or café facilities, although a variety of drinks are available for purchase in the Museum Store.

Please don’t touch

The art on display at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art needs to last forever.  We ask that you refrain from touching the works of art  (however tempting it may be) as even the slightest touch may harm the piece. Generations to come will thank you.

Take photos

You can now take photos of the works from the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art’s permanent collection! We ask that you don't use a flash and that your photos be used for personal use only. The use of selfie sticks is not permitted. Please see our FAQs for the complete CRMA photography policy. Not sure how to take the best non-flash photos in the CRMA galleries? Check out these tips for photographing the collection from The Phillips Collection!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Our staff and tour guides are happy to help (and love to answer questions!). We want to make each visit to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art an enjoyable one. So speak up and ask away!

Bring your computer

We are now offering free wireless Internet. Stop in and relax! There is no charge for admission to the free wireless Internet area or the Museum Store.

We look forward to seeing you soon!