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Museum Store Artist of the Month Tabatha Jones

March – Museum Store Artist of the Month

Tabatha Jones

Tabatha Jones works primarily with a cone 10 grolleg porcelain. Her thrown and altered porcelain pieces are sometimes comprised of multiple parts that interact with one another. She emphasizes functionality while exploring practicality:  “I am fascinated by the subtleties that are intended to enhance everyday life. The word collage comes to mind, both in pattern and form. This thereby creates objects that require particular care and attention for their use. If one has to handle an object in a particular way for it to function properly, then they are more likely to interact with it and take a closer look than they might have otherwise. This ritualistic interaction also echoes the relationships that exist among people. We will lovingly hold a favorite cup with a handle very differently than one without. Likewise, the way we interact with one individual is very different than how we interact with another, and a collection of pieces is viewed differently than a single piece by itself.”

Hosts for this Event:
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Museum Store