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Malvina Hoffman talk with guest speaker Didi Hoffman

Malvina, Anna Pavlova, and Women in the Arts

This lecture explores Malvina's significance as a woman in the arts, her contributions, impact, and legacy. It also explores the complex relationships and friendships she maintained with leading women of the time, including her muse, friend and business associate - ballerina Anna Pavlova. Of particular note is the 26-panel bas-relief plaster frieze of the Bacchanale created over 15 years with Anna Pavlova.  It is a true masterpiece and has only seen twice in public.   The two friends were fearless in their art and their business; both owning their own businesses before women had the right to vote. Malvina and Pavlova collaborated to market their work to increase sales and box office receipts.

Hosts for this Event:
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art