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Museum Store Trunk Show

Museum Store Trunk Show

Experience the Journey! Admire beautiful designs created from original paintings or photographs by featured artists Anna Bateson, Natalee Birchansky and David Clack. This is your opportunity to see the limited time selections of their stunning art through the forms of jewelry, wearable art and purses.


Please join us for the showcasing of these talented artists work August 25th and 26th, normal Museum hours. Free.

Anna Bateson: Born in Belfast in 1981, Anna Bateson began drawing and painting as a child in the United Kingdom. Long walks through the countryside and along the seashores of Britain would start a lifelong appreciation for the outside. Her childhood and teenage years were spent in the United States, Luxembourg, and Singapore. She studied art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and then moved to Barcelona, where the beautifully detailed building facades and vibrant atmosphere inspired much of the color detail and movement in her work.

This desire to express the nuances of nature and human experience, as well as the tiny details on which many great thoughts are built, has led to paintings inspired by experiences in Nepal, Oman, Thailand, Venezuela, Florida and her current home state of North Carolina.
Anna uses top-quality materials bringing color and movement to each unique piece. Her bags are made using full grain leather combined with her artwork hand painted or printed on suede, making each completely different. Full-grained leather, the softest fabrics, and vibrant colors make these a gift to love.

Natalee Birchansky:  Natalee is a Cedar Rapids native. Her college years started at Tufts University in Boston and finished at the University of Iowa in Iowa City where she received her BA in Studio Arts. Now Natalee now resides in Wisconsin, and is a part of an artist collective there. She is inspired by love, dreams, nature, and spirit. She has been painting and making art almost all of her life using bright and pastel colors for her inspirations.

David Clack: David has been a professional photographer for the past 33 years. He started his career as a biomedical photographer at Colorado State University. For years David Clack had the idea of taking several of his nature landscape images and layering them together, creating multiple exposure abstract images. By allowing some of the underlying images to shine through colors and textures appear in beautiful ways.