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<<<February 2018 - April 2018>>>

Museum Store Artist of the Month-Miranda Meyer
February 1 to February 28, 2018

Category:  Museum Store

Miranda Meyer, an Iowa artist, enjoys photographing many different subjects but her principal interest is flowers. She strives to capture and elucidate intricate structures and surface textures and subverts expectations to discover characteristics—elegance, dignity, pathos, shyness—that elude even a close observer.   more >>

Members Preview Reception
February 2, 2018 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Category:  Opening Reception

Executive Director Sean Ulmer and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art cordially invite all CRMA members to a preview reception of Edward Hopper: Selections from the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.   more >>

Family Fun Day: What An Artist Sees
February 3, 2018 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Category:  Family

Look through an artist’s eyes and see the view! Today’s free event for all ages with free admission into the galleries. We will have you looking at things in new and unexpected ways. From painting a coastal landscape, to getting a bird’s-eye view of a city, to admiring a nearby farm, you’ll laugh and learn and probably get a little messy. You won’t want to miss this!   more >>

Public Celebration and Family Fun Day!
February 3, 2018 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Category:  Family

We are FREE all day to celebrate our new exhibitions and our FFD! Come out and see everything!   more >>

Art Bites "Framing the World: The Photography of Linda & Robert Scarth
February 7, 2018 12:15 PM

Category:  Art Bites

It’s cold and grey outside so join us for Art Bites to venture into the green, verdant world of photography by Linda & Robert Scarth! The Scarths took photographs together for over 50 years, focusing on the beauty of the natural world. Together they traveled the world capturing exquisite images of plant and animal life.   more >>

Guided Meditation: When the Mind Meets the Heart
February 8, 2018 06:00 AM

Category:  Guided Meditation

When you lead with the mind, moment to moment, life can begin to feel like a series of problems to be solved. Pause and ask…. What does the heart have to say? What is its language? How can its wisdom color and enrich your experiences? Let’s do a little match-making with the mind and the heart and see what sparks when this duo starts to dance. We just might be tapping into magic!   more >>

Pajama Storytime: Shake Your Tail Feathers!
February 15, 2018 06:30 PM

Category:  Pajama Story Time

Legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova was born this month, so we are throwing her a ballet birthday party. Join us for some stories surrounded by artwork depicting Anna herself, and then we’ll learn some real dance moves with our fun & fabulous instructor Cami Rezabek.   more >>

Art Lover’s Book Club "The Figures of Beauty" by David Macfarlane
February 15, 2018 04:00 PM

Category:  Art Lover's Book Club

Moving from Paris to Italy to North America, a sensuous, heartbreaking novel about art, beauty, star-crossed lovers. A young man arrives in Paris in 1968, where a series of unlikely events lead him to a tiny village in Italy—and to the great love of his life   more >>

Doodlebugs: Art A-Bridged
February 23, 2018 10:30 AM

Category:  Doodlebugs

Bridges aren’t just super structures, they’re art too! After our story, we’ll check out several types of bridges and then build one to take home.   more >>

Teens' Mini-Figure Painting Contest!
February 24, 2018 01:00 PM

Category:  Family

These fantasy miniatures are only two inches high, but it's no tall order to paint yours in this silly competition for ridiculous awards (all unofficial, of course!).   more >>

Doodlebugs: The View from Up Here
February 27, 2018 10:45 AM

Category:  Doodlebugs

We’re learning about perspective! Just like today’s story and famous works of art, our own art projects will show how things look from above.   more >>

Museum Store Artist of the Month Tabatha Jones
March 1 to March 31, 2018

Category:  Museum Store

March – Museum Store Artist of the Month Tabatha Jones   more >>

Art Bites Edward Hopper: Selections from the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
March 7, 2018 12:15 PM

Category:  Art Bites

Thirteen Edward Hopper works have made their way to the CRMA from New York in exchange for our loan of twenty-seven Grant Wood artworks. Born in Nyack, New York, Hopper became famous for his distillations of what he saw as the solitude of American life in the mid-twentieth century. Join Associate Curator Kate Kunau for a discussion of the most important American realist painter of the last century.   more >>

Lecture-Edward Hopper: American Master with Associate Curator Kate Kunau
March 8, 2018 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Category:  Lecture

Join Associate Curator Kate Kunau for a discussion of American realist painter and printmaker Edward Hopper and his thirteen works currently on loan to the CRMA from the Whitney Museum of American Art. Best known for his iconic 1942 painting, Nighthawks, Hopper’s art captured what he viewed as the solitude and isolation of mid-century American life. See how the paintings and prints on view at the Museum fit into Hopper’s larger career trajectory and discover what makes Hopper a great American artist.   more >>

Guided Meditation: Color Returning
March 8, 2018 06:00 PM

Category:  Guided Meditation

March ushers in the beginnings of a verdant wash over our sleepy brown Midwestern landscape. As color returns to yards and hillsides, let it also return to your inner terrain. We’ll invite and soak up the array of hues….then see what they imbue   more >>

Spring Break Stay-cation: March 12- March 16
March 12 to March 16, 2018

Category:  Family

Spring Break Stay-cation: March 12- March 16 Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see daily challenges all during spring break that you can complete wherever you are, post your photos and tag us! Or, for those of you who are sticking close to Cedar Rapids, check out our daily gallery challenges—scavenger hunts, games, photo-ops, and more!   more >>

Pajama Storytime: All the World’s a Stage
March 15, 2018 06:30 PM

Category:  Pajama Story Time

Celebrate World Theatre Day with us this month! We’ll read some silly stories about the theatre, and then create our own theatrical production with shadow puppets you make yourself.   more >>

Art Lover’s Book Club "The Empress of Art: Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia"
March 15, 2018 04:00 PM

Category:  Art Lover's Book Club

Ruthless and passionate, Catherine the Great is singularly responsible for amassing one of the most awe-inspiring collections of art in the world and turning St. Petersburg in to a world wonder. The Empress of Art brings to life the creation of this captivating woman's greatest legacy.   more >>

Doodlebugs: Beach Day
March 23, 2018 10:30 AM

Category:  Doodlebugs

We’re spending spring break on the beach! Paint a “beachscape” while you learn about color mixing and tones. It “shore” will be fun.   more >>

Mixed Media Mantras workshop: What is your dream?
March 23, 2018 06:00 PM

Category:  Art Classes

Where do you want to be next month or next year? Where do you see yourself in the future? This open-ended art-making workshop will help you envision your future self, and help you set goals to reach that dream.   more >>

Doodlebugs: Sail Away
March 27, 2018 10:45 AM

Category:  Doodlebugs

Looking at artwork of boats and ships, we’ll read a fun story and then create our own maritime masterpieces with the perfect medium——watercolors!   more >>

Museum Store Artist of the Month Marty Mitchell
April 1 to April 30, 2018

Category:  Museum Store

My work explores questions about how we are acculturated and socialized, and therefore, how we view our environment as we are trained by society. I focus on the sense of autobiography within a landscape context.   more >>

Art Bites Inside the Exhibition: Hopper’s World: Cape Cod, New York, and Beyond
April 4, 2018 12:15 PM

Category:  Art Bites

Drawn largely from the CRMA’s own collection, Hopper’s World takes its inspiration from the settings Edward Hopper was drawn to during his lengthy career: New York City, Cape Cod, Paris, Monhegan Island and Ogunquit, Maine; and other New England locales. Join Associate Curator Kate Kunau for a discussion of how the exhibition came together and its relation to Edward Hopper’s work.   more >>

Kindred Spirits: Edward Hopper, Grant Wood, and Marvin Cone
April 12, 2018 07:00 PM

Category:  Lecture

Join Executive Director Sean Ulmer as he discusses the remarkable Edward Hopper works in Edward Hopper: Selections from the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York in the context of works by Grant Wood and Marvin Cone. See and discover how all three artists approached similar subject matter. What was it about this subject matter that fascinated all three artists? In what ways did they arrive at similar ends and in what ways did they differ?   more >>

Guided Meditation: Awakening & Intention
April 12, 2018 06:00 PM

Category:  Guided Meditation

It’s interesting to see what an inspirational word or phrase can spark and open within us. We will each draw from a collection of uplifting axioms using them as a key to mindfully open doors to the next. Where will the guiding forces of Awakening & Intention lead us? Let’s gather and find out…   more >>

Slow Art Day 2018
April 14, 2018 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Category:  General

One day each year, people all over the world visit local museums and galleries to look at art slowly. Participants look at five works of art for 10 minutes each and then meet together to talk about their experience. That’s it. Simple by design, the goal is to focus on the art and the art of seeing.   more >>

Pajama Storytime: Rome Antics
April 19, 2018 06:30 PM

Category:  Pajama Story Time

Ancient Rome was founded on April 21st, so we will celebrate with some stories of Ancient Roman myths. Then we’ll play a fun game with Roman numerals that will result in some really silly artwork.   more >>

Art Lover’s Book Club "Shocking Paris: Soutine, Chagall and Outsiders of Montparnasse" by Stanley Me
April 19, 2018 04:00 PM

Category:  Art Lover's Book Club

Soutine arrived in Paris while many painters were experimenting with cubism, but he had no time for trends and fashions; like his art, Soutine was intense, demonic, and fierce. In constant fear of the French police and the German Gestapo, plagued by poor health and bouts of depression, Soutine was the epitome of the tortured artist. Rich in period detail, Stanley Meisler's Shocking Paris explores the short, dramatic life of one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.   more >>

Birds of Prey: Iowa Raptor Project Interactive Experience
April 21, 2018 01:00 PM

Category:  Family

Checkout two of Iowa’s birds of prey, in person, at the CRMA! The Iowa Raptor Project will lead an interactive program so you can learn more about these fascinating creatures, what part they play in the art world, and about how to get involved to help Iowa’s raptors.   more >>

Doodlebugs: The City Skyline
April 24, 2018 10:45 AM

Category:  Doodlebugs

The landscape looks different when you’re in a city with lots of tall buildings. Make artwork today inspired by skyscrapers in big cities.   more >>

Night Owls : Iowa Raptor Project Interactive Experience
April 26, 2018 06:00 PM

Category:  Family

The Iowa Raptor Project is bringing a Great Horned Owl and an Eastern Screech Owl for you to observe up close! We’re celebrating James Audubon’s birthday by learning about how birds have inspired art and culture, and how the Audubon Society played a huge part in that.   more >>

Doodlebugs: Looking Out My Window
April 27, 2018 10:30 AM

Category:  Doodlebugs

Looking Out My Window Today’s story will have us looking at what’s happening on the other side of windows. Then we’ll create window art of their own.   more >>

CRMA Summer Art Camp 2018
June 18 to June 22, 2018 08:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Category:  Summer Camp

This year’s theme, inspired by our summer exhibition, The Grand Tour: Europe Through Artists’ Eyes, will feature projects for your child in a wide range of media, spanning centuries, and highlighting the culture, landscape and peoples of several European countries.   more >>

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