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Lure of the Local: Collecting the Corridor, 2006-2011

February 4 - May 13, 2012

Stan Wiederspan, 080405, 2005, acrylic on canvas, Museum purchase, with gift of the artist, Kathleen and Tom Aller, CRST International, and Ann and Henry Royer, 2009.057.
Beginning with its first acquisition in 1906, the Cedar Rapids Art Association (now the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art) has valued art of its own time, often from local origins. Over the last century, the collection has grown to more than 7,000 works of art, including several works by local artists Grant Wood and Marvin Cone. Over the past five years, a concerted effort has been made to ensure that the Museum collection continues to reflect the artistic outputs of artists living in and near the Corridor.

Lure of the Local: Collecting the Corridor, 2006-2011 showcases these recent acquisitions through the exhibition of more than 65 works by more than 40 area artists. Many visitors will be surprised by the variety of media, subjects, and styles that artists are using today, as demonstrated in the paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, collages, photographs, and sculptures included, and in the wide range of materials from oil and acrylic paints to jigsaw puzzle pieces, carved wood, foil, and envelopes.

Lure of the Local is supported in part by the Richard D. Pinney Exhibition Fund, and by GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation and the Momentum Fund, both funds of The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

Artists featured in this exhibition...

Thomas Agran                          Mel Andringa     
Bradd Brown  Steve Carlson 
Bryan Davis  John Decker 
Velga Easker  Nate and Hallie Evans 
Stan Fellows  Michelle Fischer 
Robert Fox  Lucy Goodson 
Kathryn Hagy  Sue Hettmansperger 
Thomas C. Jackson  Karen Kurka Jensen 
Gordon Kellenberger      William Kettelkamp     
Julia Kottal  Laura Larabee 
Tomás Lasanksy Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret 
Nancy Lindsay  Bunny McBride 
Shane McCallister  Robert Peterson 
Elizabeth Rhoads Read      Mat Rude 
Michael S. Ryan  JoAnn Schnabel 
John Schwartzkopf  Dean and Gunnar Schwarz 
Jesse James Sinclair  Steve Sinner 
Bill Stamats  Dena Tollefson 
Nina Vetrova-Robinson  Marcia Wegman 
Stan Wiederspan  Mary Zeran 
Larry Zirbel   


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Thanks, Mr V, for this final Blog. And, moreover, a mioilln thanks for giving us a sneak preview of what is going to dominate the conversation in approx. 30 homes from mid-morning on Sat.20/08/11 viz. . Just listen to this one more story. U gotta hear it ! That is, of course, if the lad hasn't crashed on the bed having succumbed to an understandable depletion of energy!!!! Can't wait to see the excitement & bubbling enthusiasm whilst the adventure is being related!!!!It is plain to see that you have a bunch of boys on tour and not girls. The only Blog in which the word, shopping appears, is in this final Blog!!!! That would not have been possible had you had a feminine component. That word would have cropped up in Blog no.2 or thereabouts!!!! (Mrs C, I completely understand the frustration that must have welled up inside of you!)Wishing you a safe & enjoyable flight home with a good dose of rest. (Is that even possible for a bunch of highly-hyped boys and (probably) 3 totally exhausted teachers????) We look forward to welcoming you all back and have organised a rain-free and a warmer-than-what-we-have-had-the-whole-week day.Thank you, Mr U, Mr V & Mrs C for giving our boys such an unforgettable experience. Thank you for your care, interest and downright good sportmanship. Our boys will reminisce for many years to come. Thank you and Baie dankie.
Juliana Oglesby
on 02/17/12
Lure of the Local,fantastic. Variety of media. A pleasure to read the artist's bio and philosophy. McCallister Charlie prints are sheer joy. Wiederspan acrylic boxes reveal such texture - and so much more in this exhibit to enjoy, one must return!
LeRoy Barnhart
on 02/17/12
John Decker's stuff is amazing!
on 01/23/12
Kewl you should come up with that. Execllnet!

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