Land/Scape: Climate, the Environment, and Beyond, An All-Iowa Juried Exhibition February 10 – May 19, 2024

Hayslett-Eon I, 2023, mixed media on paper, 40 x 30 inches.jpeg
Kathy Edwards Hayslett, Eon I, 2023, mixed media on paper, 40 x 30 inches, collection of the artist.
Petty-Neal 2.jpg
Tamara Petty-Neal, The Wind of Change, 2020, photographic print, 16 x 20 inches, collection of the artist.
Coleman-Hand-painted Sign.jpeg
Susan Coleman, Along the Springville Road, 2023, pastel on toned paper, 30 x 24 inches, collection of the artist.
Shriver 3.jpg
Elizabeth Shriver, Jagged Rock Form, 2020, ceramic stoneware, 20 x 12 x 7 inches, collection of the artist.

Land/Scape: Climate, the Environment, and Beyond, An All- Iowa Juried Exhibition

February 10 – May 19, 2024

Nature’s beauty, intricacy, and its destructive power have inspired artists for thousands of years. Iowa’s artists are no different. From the rolling hills and golden fields to the more devastating environmental emergencies of the 2008 floods and the 2020 derecho, the landscape of Iowa continues to provoke an emotional and artistic response. Artists engage with environmental issues in a variety of ways from depicting the world around them and the changes that they see to more overt and political calls to action. This all-Iowa, open call, juried art exhibition seeks to examine how this rich and long-established tradition of landscape in art plays out today.

This exhibition and accompanying educational programming have been made possible in part by the Program Support Grant Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Iowa Arts Council, which exists within the Iowa Economic Development Authority, members of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and contributors to the Museum’s Annual Fund.  Annual educational programming has been supported in part by Transamerica.

These artists have been selected for the Juried Exhibition:

Agran, Thomas, Bison Diptych

Andringa, Mel, Oceans Rising

Bales, Judy, After the Harvest (cape form)

Basile, Monica, The Murmuration

Bates, Jennifer Lynn, Flood 08

Bowman, Janna, Green Earth

Brigman, Terry, The Roaring Twenties

Brown, Gillian, Sky Arcs

Burbeck, Harriet, Invasive: Bees

Byrd, Jeffery, Landscape 1

Caputo, Robert, Container for Twelve Eggs

Chase, David, Iowa's Latest Mountains

Chen, Jeremy, Row

Coleman, Susan, Along the Springville Road

Crerie, Deb, Ecotone

Curtis, Mary C., Struggle

Deam, Natalie, Bloom Bloom Bloom

Digity, Shawn, Control

Douglas, Maggie, Belly of the Whale

Easker, Fred, Autumn Pathways

Ehlinger, Eli, Derecho #3

Ellis, Amee, Field No. 3

Fox, Robert, The Dying Iris

Friese, Taylor, Grey and Sedum

Hammer, Megan, October Wetlands, North

Hansen, John Hunting, Solemnity

Hayslett, Kathy Edwards, Eon I

Heifner, Stephanie, Taste and See

Hoshaw, Randy, Fallen Corn

Houser, William, Derecho

Huffman, Angie, Double Negative

Ibsen, Annick, The Midwest: Homage to Iowa

Jensen, Karen Kurka, Lightning!

Kames, Louise, Winter Willow

Kirkholm, Tyler, Turbine Cosmology

Koerner, Liz and Schoening, Krista, Heartwood

Lammert, Gin, After a Dry Summer

Lansing-Stoeffler, Kristin, Infragilis

Larabee, Laura, Monster

Lenaghan, Kathleen, Cold Solstice

Lindsay, Nancy, Woodland Dawn

Magnuson, Emily, Foxglove

McCallister, Shane, Skipping Stones

Metzger, Allison & Jonathan, Ursa Major & Minor

Miklo, Robert, View from Ragbrai

Moorman, Tara, Moments with Monet

Moseley, Aaron, Rifts

Perez, Mirzam, The Drought

Peterson, Dena, Summer Storm

Peterson, Linda, An Iowa Landscape

Petty-Neal, Tamara, The Wind of Change: 2

Rhoads Read, Betsy, The Future of Trees, What Will it Be

Schafer, John Paul, Capital Holiday

Shriver, Elizabeth, Jagged Rock Form (with English Ivy)

Steele, Priscilla, Magnum Amaryllis

Sunderman, Robert, Fractured Journey: Shattered Glass Series

Tollefson, Dena, The Lyrical Garden

Wegman, Marcia, Evening at the Farm

Weidle, Jim, Gravel Run