Marvin Cone: An American Vision: Ongoing

Marvin Cone, River Bend No. 5, 1938, oil on canvas, Gift of Isobel Howell Brown, 81.1.
Marvin Cone, Portrait of Winnifred, about 1920-1925, oil on canvas board, Gift of the Cone Family, 98.3.14.
Marvin Cone, Lafayette Farm, 1942, oil on canvas, gift of Happy Young and John B. Turner II, 83.1.11.
Marvin Cone, Sunlight Statue (Alternate title: Break in the Clouds, Luxembourg Gardens 1920, oil on composition board, Museum purchase, Dorothy Houts Fund with gift of Winnifred Cone and the Marvin Cone Trust, 86.1.13a.

Marvin Cone: An American Vision


A lifelong Cedar Rapidian, Marvin Cone’s art evolved throughout his career to encompass evocative portraits, birds-eye views of the Iowa landscape, and subtly-colored abstractions. Marvin Cone: An American Vision is an ongoing single-gallery exhibition that serves as an introductory overview of Cone’s lengthy and prolific artistic career.