Mary Zeran , Japanese Overlay, 2013
Mary Zeran , "The Beauty of it All," 2014
Mary Zeran , "It was so Warm," 2015
Mary Zeran , "Quirky Progress," 2012

Mary Zeran: 10 Years

Now – January 3, 2021

In 2020, local artist Mary Zeran will have been working as a professional artist for 10 years. Given the CRMA’s rich history of presenting the art of local artists—especially when they’ve achieved a certain milestone or completed a specific new body of work—the idea of displaying a 10-year retrospective of Zeran’s work during the CRMA’s 125th anniversary year seems fitting. One of the very few local artists to have spent her entire painting career working abstractly, Zeran’s work challenges viewers to see her subtle but significant evolution over the course of the past 10 years. Constantly exploring, Zeran has crafted different methods of mark-making to accompany her evolution in palette and scale. The exhibition not only traces the trajectory of her career, it also includes a site-specific installation created especially for this exhibition.

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